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Reading rooms

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  • WiFi access on all floors
  • Photocopier available at the secretariat (1st floor)
  • Water, tea and coffee available
  • We kindly request that members limit their phone use while in the library

2nd floor: Reading and discussion rooms

A large selection of newspapers and current periodicals


Periodicals list

The reading room on the second floor, furnished with comfortable armchairs, offers a large selection of Swiss and foreign newspapers, magazines and periodicals on topics ranging from politics to the arts to history. Have a seat and take your time!

The online editions of Le Monde, Le Figaro and the Financial Times are available via two tablets. Modern technology is also present in the form of several computers.


3rd and 4th floor: Study rooms


Members will find many quiet spots on the third floor for work or study – in the Fine Arts, Theology, Geography and Periodicals Rooms – as well as on the 4th floor.

3rd floor: Children’s section – reserved for young readers