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Life on Earth, Our Future

Our 2024 Cycle will explore the relationship between life and planet Earth. A relationship that is increasingly at risk from climate change and environmental degradation, but also a source of infinite wonder and gratitude for the miracle of life that has emerged on our planet. The equilibrium between human beings and the animal, vegetable, and mineral world is as fragile as it is essential for our survival. Could the environmental challenges we are facing today, such as the rapid collapse of many species observed by scientists, be an opportunity to develop new ways of thinking about our relationship to life on Earth?

Homo sapiens have long considered themselves as occupying the top of the pyramid of life, separate from it somehow, too often forgetting that they are an integral part of the living world.

To quote the director and poet Cyril Dion, “There is no border between humans and nature. We are part of nature and nature is part of us. We are ecosystems made up of tens of thousands of bacteria, which live inside us and with which we collaborate. We spend our lives in the interdependent and collaborative world of the biosphere. We can choose to accept it or ignore it, but we can’t deny it: it’s a fact. ”

This Series takes a resolutely open-minded approach to these questions. We will hear from key players from the green economy transition. We will question the role of the environment in politics. We will learn about the intelligence of trees, the geopolitics of water, the influence of the environment on health, and the pros and cons of nuclear energy.

Planet Earth is 4,6 billion years old. If the history of life on Earth were compressed into one day, then human beings would have appeared only in the last six seconds…