Daniel Gross (English)

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11 octobre 2023    
19 h 00 - 20 h 30
Buffet à Drinks 18:30 pm

Société de Lecture
11 Grand Rue, Genève

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A Banker’s Journey : How Edmond J. Safra Built a Global Financial Empire

Born in 1967, Daniel Gross is an American financial and economic journalist and historian. He was educated at Cornell University and holds a master’s degree in American history from Harvard University. In a 30-year career, Gross has been a columnist for Newsweek and The New York Times and reported from 25 countries. He is the author of nine books on economics, politics, and business history. In A Banker’s Journey : How Edmond J. Safra built a Global Financial Empire ( Radius Book Group, 2022 ), Daniel Gross, who, like Safra, traces his heritage to Aleppo, Syria, reconstructs the public life of an intensely private man. With exclusive access to Safra’s personal archives, Gross tracks the banker’s remarkable journey from Beirut to the pinnacle of global finance, with stops in Milan, São Paulo, New York, and Geneva – where he was based for more than 40 years and set up two banks. He describes how Edmond J. Safra’s life of achievements in the twentieth century offers enduring lessons for those seeking to make their way in the twenty-first.


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